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Agate:  BROWN: Good for vision and also for hardening gums.

Amazonite:  Improves self worth and confidence

Amber:  Lifting heaviness of burdens, throat problems, asthma, aiding kidneys and liver.

Amethyst:  Traditionally sobers the drunk, good for expelling types of poison, generally toning the body, spiritual upliftment, stomach ailments, effective communication.

Apatite:  Communication, fighting viruses.

Aquamarine:  Good for dealing with grief and helping one understand difficult situations.

Adventurine:  BLUE: Circulation, congestion, happiness.  GREEN:  Physical healing

Azurite:  Good for meditation and for bringing out your psychic abilities.

Bloodstone:  Excellant for stopping bleeding snf hemorrhage:  Perfect for nosebleeds.

Carnelian:  Balance creativity and mental process, purifies blood, helps allergies.

Citrine:  Upliftment, supports the body.

Coral:  Protects ands strenghens one’s emotional foundation,  Good for scars ulcers and is said to avert the “evil eye”

Diamond:  Considered something of a cure-all, increases personal clarity, especially good for coughs and mucus problems.

Emerald:  The strongesat gemstone for physical and emotional healing, and antidote for poisons and very good for any disease of the eyes.

Fluorite:  GREEN:  This stone has been helpful with hormonal changes such as pregnancy and menopause.  PURPLE/RAINBOW:  Helps change and getting out of ruts.

Garnet:  God for the heart and as a general stimulant.



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